Programming Schedule 2018 - 2019

             Techtime Schedule

Oct 3

Welcome Back: Executive introductions. Highlights of Programming & Excursions  Ice Breaker. Intro to Creative Challenge. Format and image preparation.  Summer Creative Challenges (Roger: Slide show).

No formal class, (AWAY) self directed assignment will be distributed by email.

Oct 17

Guest OCCC Presenter 1: Mike Goldstein Landscape Photography.

No formal class, (AWAY) self directed assignment continued
Submit assignment by email for discussion in the first Techtime (if desired).

Nov 7

Macro Demo: Nursery Christmas Plants (Mike, CPC).

Beginnings - Overview: Camera types, sensor size, raw or jpg capabilities etc., (do I own the right camera) - all with reference to the submitted assignments.

Nov 21

Folder 1 Photo Critiques. Workshop/lab. Prep for Pioneer Village outing. Low light photography.

Intermediate - Intro to the exposure triangle (exposure reciprocity), effects of ISO, Aperture and Shutter on final image.

Nov 30

CPC/BOAA Dinner: Life Through the Lens Project Celebration.
Guest Presenter 2: Ethan Meleg.


Dec 5

Guest Presenter 3: Mark Wolfson: Retired Henrys Camera’s VP in Toronto - Travel Slideshow.

Intermediate - Completing the loop - relationships within the exposure triangle

Dec 19

Christmas Social. Folder 2 Photo Critiques.

Intermediate - Exposure - building on the exposure triangle - front light, side light, back light, sun, shade, natural light, light modifiers.

Jan 2

Demo/prep. Outdoor photography. Focus on lighting, shadows, exposure (Terry, CPC).

Outdoor shooting tips for cold weather, B&W, etc., - NOTE: Techtime will be at the regular meeting start time.

Jan 16

Guest OCCC Presenter 4: Nina Kirienko (Architecture & showcase favourite).

Intermediate - Travel photography tips and tricks - member participation encouraged.

Feb 6

CPC Members Travel Slide Show Night: “Hidden Gems”
Cancelled due to weather.

Smart phone photography - some tips, some Apps, some member participation encouraged.

Feb 20

Guest Presenters 5: Helen Bajorek-MacDonald & Jean-Michel Komarnicki.

No class - AWAY.

March 06

CPC Members Travel Slide Show Night: “Hidden Gems”

No class - AWAY.

March 20

Action Photography:  Instructional videos. Bird Photography: Charles (CPC).

Action photography - airplanes, birds, sports.

April 3

Macro photography: Lightbox workshop. Pat A & Helena (CPC). Folder 3: Photo Critiques.

Advanced - Q&A on camera controls, back button focus, AE lock, vignette control, distortion control, stack focus, bracketing for HDR, etc.

April 17

Roger & Val’s Lab Fun Night. Folder 4: Photo Critiques.

No class - AWAY.

May 1

Landscape Composition Showcase: Brian will share his learning from expert English photographer ~ Garry Brannigan.

No class - Just returning.

May 15

Annual General Meeting. Folder 5: Photo Critiques.

“Problem” session - submit by email and get answers in class.

May 16

Annual dinner @ BOAA. Catered. Cash bar available. Social Slide show of our incredible journey of photography. The year in review.



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