For most of us Photography is a personal endeavour – an experience of creative expression to showcase subjects that bring us personal reflection, joy, or sadness.

The camera, however, is an imperfect tool. We expect the camera to take “good pictures” even though it’s no smarter than a toaster. We’re not too disappointed when our toast isn’t perfect; we try a different setting. A toaster is used casually, so too can a camera be: it takes patience and skill to create a purposeful image. To quote a great American photographer, Ansel Adams, "you don't take a photograph, you make it."

An important goal of the Clarington Photography Club is to let members come together and extend their knowledge and enjoyment of photography by sharing between ourselves, special guest presenters, workshops, and social gatherings.

Creative photography has great rewards but requires a wider range of skills with cameras and software. Our club provides special group and individual support on an ongoing basis for new members wishing to extend their knowledge and skills.



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